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Drop Off Points
Leave your beverage cartons at these locations and go
Buy Back Centres
Exchange your used beverage cartons for some extra cash at these locations
Commercial Collection
Calling all businesses and schools, recycle your used beverage cartons here
Recycling Facilities
Here's where all collected beverage cartons are sent for recycling

Recycling beverage cartons is easy!

Step 1
Simply push the straw back in or keep the cap on the carton package after drinking.
Step 2
Flip-Flap-Flat the carton before sending it for recycling.
Step 3
Drop it off at your nearest collection center - check out our Carton Finder

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Add collection points that we don't know about!
We need your help to bring access to beverage carton recycling in your community.
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All Tetra Pak carton packages, together with its openings and closures such as straws and caps, are fully recyclable!
Our beverage cartons are 75% paper, 20% plastic, 5% aluminium and 100% recyclable!

Now, with support from our collection partners, used beverage cartons are now accepted at various locations nationwide for recycling.
If you want to set up a beverage carton recycling point for your local business, school or community, first locate your nearest Commercial Collectors using our Carton Finder above. They’ll issue you a quote and pick up your beverage cartons once your collection point is up and running!